Oakridge Acres Country Kitchen
‘From our kitchen to yours’

Here in our certified kitchen, Chef Jen creates a wide variety of delicious, nutritious soups, quiches, meat pies and dinner entrees. All of our convenient dinner items are made with pride, from scratch, with our drug and hormone free meats and local vegetables. So when time is an issue, or you just want a night off of cooking, you can feel good about serving those you love something quick, healthy and convenient from our kitchen. Our line of frozen dinner options is available in store all year round. Try one of Chef Jens gourmet meat pies tonight! Made with hearty chunks of meat and vegetables in a savoury sauce packed into a delicate and flaky crust.
To finish off a great local meal try one of our from scratch desserts. Jessica is busy in the kitchen making a line of fruit pies, butter tarts, coconut raspberry tarts and gluten free coconut macaroons.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Chefs Jen and Jessica